A Suitcase Full Of Stars

Everything around us constantly changes. But everything is still the same? When is the right time for a change? Endless amount of questions. Every time you see a challenge in your life, no matter if it is big or small remember that there is always an opportunity attached.

When we face the inevitable, do we welcome both, the challenge and the opportunity or should we welcome just one and shun the other? I had to choose to live by my own choice, not by chance. Our biggest fear should not be the fear to change. Instead we should be afraid or our own minds that manipulate our will and self-esteem. The inpurities that dwell inside our souls. Our minds coarse, angry and resentful to all love that is around us.

Cherry blossoms are symbols of the spring and a time of renewal, life and death. The lifespan of the flower is very short but beautiful. They bloom for only around two weeks and after that the blossoms start to fall.

The beauty of a flower lasts only a while but its memory can last a life time. You can always complain that picking up a rose hurts because they have thorns, or you can be delighted by the fact that thorns have roses. It’s the same as people were created to be loved and things were created to be used. The reason why we all live in chaos might be because we love things we own but use the people we are supposed to love.

But obstacles like these are part of life. We must learn to let go in order to flow with the situation. Also say only things that you certainly want to happen, because words you say tend to manifest. Treat opportunities, memories and precious people in your life like your most prized possession, like you’d hold a suicase full of remembrance, like you’d hold a suitcase full of stars.

6 thoughts on “A Suitcase Full Of Stars

  1. Beautiful post! I love Sakura too. They are not only wonderful to see but also represent how things come and go in life and we have to cherish the moment and let the memory inspire us.

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  2. Beautifully written! Flowers are an amazing symbol of life and purity. They are an ever constant reminder of beauty in nature, and of that plants will to live!

    Everyone has to choose to live and change for themselves, because if you don’t want to better yourself or your life, you won’t do it! That is a decision you have to make. Nobody can make it for you, and it definitely won’t come by chance.

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