Routine Rhapsody

There is nothing more pointless, or common, than doing the same things and expecting different results.

Our routines consist of seperate parts, which all together form a wholeness of our mundane and casual life. To achieve great things in this endeavor we must break our habitual conducts which is determined by needs and desires; experiences of which we are usually only dimly aware of. In our standard language we call this the comfort zone. Nearly every human action is in some way an expression of how we think about ourselves. The repetitive mistakes we make are most noticable in the family dramas that play out over and over again.

The most frustrating thinf is the experience of making the same misatke repeatedly. Many humans have the tendency to costantly think about what other people are doing, whlist being unable to even keep their own act together.

We all should unhook ourselves from the emotional and physical burden other lay upon us to be able to fully heal our own balance in life. To be able to fully understand and mentally sort our good and bad routines and habits we must first answer one simple guestion; what are we reacting to? If your peace is disturbed, is the object of disturbance really worth the peace of our mind? It is true that some errors are more consequential than others, but luckily only few of them are irredeemable.

This gives us the chance to experiment with our own boundaries and find the perfect balance between stimulating refreshments and utterly calming peace. But we must not become slaves to the thought of not having anything to disturb us; we cannot grow without error.

We do not need to compare our life to others. As there’s no comparison between the moon and the sun, they shine when it is their time to shine. We must make our own mistakes and change our routines. You’ll never be able to change your life unless you change something you do daily. The secret of our own successa is found in our daily habits.

Writing is a way for me to move on with my life. I narrate my own story to see the flaws in it, then I will be able to correct what I am doing wrong. I am not saying it is meant for everyone, but we all should definitely have some way to be able to notice what we would do better. Nothing we do is wrong, but there is always room for improvement and no one is perfect.

But it’s not about being perfect. We fear that if we show ourselves for all that we are, that it will not be enough. It’s the withholding of ourselves that truly makes us deficient, though. Our light is not enough without context of our darkness. Our intelligence is not enough without context or our ignorance. Our success is not enough without the context of our struggles.

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